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Expand beyond limiting beliefs and align with your highest potential

Are you struggling to grow your business?

Are you unsure about your strategy, so you keep changing it?

Are you frustrated that you so work hard and yet don’t have a steady flow of prospective clients?

Your service or product makes a difference and helps people.  You care about your audience and want to reach and help more people through what you do. 

You want to have consistent clients and a steady income stream to be able to spend more time with your family and enjoy various experiences. 

You work hard, but you are not getting the results you want. 

Hi, I’m Irina! I’m a Russian, a Navy spouse and a traveler. I love helping businesses and individuals expand beyond limiting beliefs and align with their highest potential. 

Let’s chat to get clear on what the missing piece is that’s holding you back from reaching your goals. 

Email me at irina@empoweredbyirina.com or click the button below to schedule a complimentary clarity call.

I have different options for working with me that include brand strategy, coaching and energy healing.

To understand the right solution for you, I need to talk to you first to see what would be the best and highest in your individual situation.

Irina Whitmer helped me learn how to sort through ideas and strategies that would work the best specifically for me instead of trying to do everything. Knowing how to make those decisions for myself and be confident in them helps me focus on what I need to do. I’m able to block out the rest and not feel guilty about it. As a result of our brand strategy sessions, I am able to make decisions more quickly, so I’m not wasting so much time catering to everything and being overwhelmed. On top of working on clarifying the strategy and creating actionable steps, Irina focuses on mindset work as well, which makes the whole process even more effective. I would highly recommend Irina to other entrepreneurs!
Cady Milley
bookkeeper and owner of Pegasus Bookkeeping
Just finished a call focused on "how to pivot in a crisis" with Irina, and I was SO impressed. And so surprised, as well, to find out that my obstacles are INSIDE me. I was projecting what I preferred onto my clients, and then expecting the worst. She helped me turn it around, and RAISE my goals during this crisis. Great work, good questions, and good insights!
Daniel Andrews
community builder of Network In Action Franchise Intl.
Irina has a lot of good ideas and information. I felt very empowered with her suggestions. The most valuable part of the brand strategy sessions was that she brought different views and ideas and options - things I had not even thought of. She followed up with me weekly to make sure that progress and changes were being implemented so that I could be successful. Her services were well worth the price. I would definitely recommend Irina to others. She opened my eyes and changed my way of thinking.
Susan McClare
massage therapist and owner of Healing Wellness Massage

Need an engaging speaker?

Most popular speaking topics:

  • Define your personal brand
  • Avoid common branding mistakes
  • 10 brand elements for any business success
  • Target market – 3 common mistakes that lose you clients
  • 3 principles of effective networking
  • 5 simple ways to attract your ideal clients with ease
  • Work smarter, not harder. Do less – better.
  • 5 simple ways to adapt and thrive in any circumstances
Irina is an entertaining and engaging speaker and she really knows how to convey the importance of branding and distinguishing between brands. I have invited her several times to guest speak in a group that I lead and she did a great job!
Marla Ballard
CEO and co-creator of Jump Off Point International
Irina is a heart-centered woman focused on improving the lives of entrepreneurs. She spoke last year to over 60 women at our Rockstar Real Estate Retreat about branding and it was awesome. I personally took away a strategy that has helped me focus my messaging on social media and made it much easier to post regular content. Thank you Irina for your commitment to help us improve and get better.
Erin Lewis
owner of Goosehead Insurance - Lewis Agency and founder of The Dream Queen Association
Irina recently spoke at our business networking meeting. She was completely engaging while delivering her message on marketing to our members. Her message was interactive, clear and stayed on topic the entire time. We look forward to having her back again to speak at Bay Business Group.
Karen Schatz Croll
owner of Wellness Garden Coach and president of Bay Business Group

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