Hi, I’m Irina! I’m a Russian, a Navy spouse, and a traveler. I love helping individuals and businesses to answer their WHAT and HOW questions so that they could get to the highest level of prosperity, success, health, and happiness.

Why me?

  • Over 11 years of teaching, training, and consulting. Public speaking for three years.
  • Psychology degree from St. Petersburg University, the main university of St. Peterburg, Russia (2011).
  • Eight certifications in the ThetaHealing® technique and counting (since 2019).
  • Certified Professional Coach by World Coach Institute (2020).
  • Certified Free-Me™ EFT practitioner (since 2022).
  • I only work with techniques that have proved the results over the years of applying them in my personal life and working with my clients.

Unsure of which of these techniques would be the right fit in your situation? No problem! Email me at irina@empoweredbyirina.com or click the button below to schedule a complimentary consultation. 

Irina has a lot of good ideas and information. I felt very empowered with her suggestions. The most valuable part of the brand strategy sessions was that she brought different views and ideas and options - things I had not even thought of. She followed up with me weekly to make sure that progress and changes were being implemented so that I could be successful. Her services were well worth the price. I would definitely recommend Irina to others. She opened my eyes and changed my way of thinking.
Susan McClare
massage therapist and owner of Healing Wellness Massage
Irina Whitmer helped me learn how to sort through ideas and strategies that would work the best specifically for me instead of trying to do everything. Knowing how to make those decisions for myself and be confident in them helps me focus on what I need to do. I’m able to block out the rest and not feel guilty about it. As a result of our brand strategy sessions, I am able to make decisions more quickly, so I’m not wasting so much time catering to everything and being overwhelmed. On top of working on clarifying the strategy and creating actionable steps, Irina focuses on mindset work as well, which makes the whole process even more effective. I would highly recommend Irina to other entrepreneurs!
Cady Milley
bookkeeper and owner of Pegasus Bookkeeping
It’s been great working with Irina these last few months. Of extreme value to me was the implementation of systems that I can use in my business going forward. My biggest shift is the realization and acceptance that everything is a process. Do the little things day in and day out, and the odds of success shift in your favor. I would definitely recommend Irina to other entrepreneurs and have already done so.
Michael Coombs
owner of Flawless Bookkeeping Services

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